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What does “Early Bird release” mean?

It is a fully functional and stable version that has already undergone a rigorous beta-testing period in collaboration with Cycling ‘74, but we want to add a few additional features before we feel we can call it “version 1.0”.
As the software is already ready to be used by anyone who wants to work with lighting in Max, we wanted to share it at a discounted price and use this as an opportunity to get some extra feedback. The license will remain valid once the version 1.0 is released. 

Is the current version reliable enough to be used in a professional work?

Absolutely, we have already successfully used Beam for Max ourselves in a number of bigger projects, with clients including Studio Drift, United Instruments of Lucilin / Kulturfabrik, and AIR Amsterdam.
Besides, the technology used in Beam for Max is to a great extent the same as in Beam for Live, which has been used by many of happy users since 2020.

What additions can I expect in version 1.0 and when?

An improved fixture profile format (extended support for different lighting color spaces, slot-based channels, aggregate fixtures, DMX modes, highlight values and more), and several thousands of fixtures added to the fixture profile library.
We are aiming to make version 1.0 available via Max’s Package Manager in Q1 of 2024.

How can I learn to use Beam for Max?

We suggest following the Learn tutorial patches, which you can find through the Beam for Max - Overview patch.
Each Beam for Max object also has a help file patcher.

What limitations does the free trial version have?

The trial version is fully functional with breaks in the DMX output every 60 seconds.

How many computers can I use a Beam for Max license on?

A single license can authorize Beam for Max on 2 computers at once.

Can I use Beam for Max objects in a Max standalone? How does licensing work there?

Yes! Beam for Max in every Max standalone application instance needs to be authorized with a license. If you require offline or bulk licensing please get in touch via

Can I use Beam for Max objects in Max for Live devices?

This is currently not possible. However, you can communicate between Live and Max via UDP/OSC or MIDI, or use Beam for Live instead.

The fixture profile for my fixture is not available, what can I do?

You can request one on our forum. Please include a link to the fixture manual and mention the DMX mode(s) you want to work with.
Alternatively, you can try to make one yourself by using an existing fixture profile from the misc/profiles folder of the package as a template.

What are the requirements to run Beam for Max?

All you need is a computer with macOS 10.15 or newer / Windows 10 or newer, with Cycling ‘74 Max 8.0 or newer installed on it.
All the materials (tutorials and help files) in the package can be previewed using the bundled visualizer application that contains a virtual lighting rig, responding to the DMX the same as actual lighting fixtures would.

  • If you want to control some actual lighting fixtures, all you need is a DMX device (see next question).
  • If you want to create your own custom virtual lighting rigs, check out Capture or Unreal Engine’s DMX Plugin.

What DMX devices are supported?

  • Any Art-Net node
  • Enttec DMXIS
  • Enttec DMX USB PRO
  • Enttec DMX USB PRO mk2
  • Enttec Open DMX USB (not recommended, unbuffered interface with known timing issues that result in DMX signal dropouts)
  • USB DMX devices

I found a bug, I have a feature request, and there are a few unclear things in the documentation.

Please get in touch with us at or start a forum thread in the Beam for Max section.

I made something really cool with Beam for Max and I would like to show it to you.

Please share it with us, it is guaranteed to make our day. You can do that by tagging @showsyncsoftware on Instagram, sharing it on our Discord server or by sending an email to

Still have questions? Email us at
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